About the Play

Narçisse Theatre Company's production of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot,” A Tragicomedy in Two Acts" takes a further look into Beckett’s existential masterpiece. Artistic Director FL Henley Jr describes this production as “a neo-Marxist, absurdist study of the African-American socio-economic class structure and its relationship to the white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy embedded within the founding DNA of American society”


By Samuel Beckett
Directed by F.L. Henley Jr.

HMAC Underground
May / 17-19 / 24-26-31/June 1st


Lizophrenia: A One Woman Story

By Liz. P. Curtis

La Cultura
June 14-16, 2019

About the Performance

Local/Regional Comedienne and Actress Liz P. Curtis brings her interactive one-woman show to Midtown Harrisburg. Join Liz for a weekend full with laughter as she takes audiences on a personal, yet eye opening journey sure to entertain.


About the Event

Set against the eve of the 2016 election, this new play -written by local Poet/Playwright Jose Morales-examines the lives of Midtown residents with different backgrounds confronting their political differences while stuck on an elevator. Directed as a stage reading by local Author/Playwright Paul Hood, this play is sure to spark discussion about how a controversial moment in history defines ways we see and relate to each other.

Going Down

By Jose Morales

Directed by Paul Hood

HMAC Underground
Sept 28, 2019

Kill Keller 222 long444.jpg

About the Play

During the early 1990’s, a small Allison Hill family is torn apart by one man’s relentless quest for control. Kill Keller, a play that examines the depth of emotional manipulation, loss of religion, and a family
divided, looks closely into what happens when familial bonds are shattered by mental/physical abuse and abandonment. 

Kill Keller

By Paul Hood

Directed by F.L. Henley Jr.

HMAC Underground
Oct 10-14, 2019


About the Play

The Prophet

The Prophet presents the farewell observations on and recommendations about life and death of Almustafa, the chosen and beloved Prophet, as he ends a twelve-year sojourn in Orphalese.

By Khalil Gibran

Directed by F.L. Henley Jr.

HMAC Capital Room
Dec 13-15, 2019